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Learn React from the ground up in a two day workshop format designed for beginners and for those with a few years experience alike.

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Remote Workshop
Fundamentals to Advanced
Jul 23rd - Jul 24th, 2020US Central Time
Remote Workshop
Fundamentals to Advanced
Jul 28th - Jul 29th, 2020US Pacific Time

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React Workshop

React is known for making UI Components, but in a professional React app a component is used for so much more. We'll teach your team how to use React's components for scalable, accessible and reusable abstractions. Also What are Hooks?

JavaScript & Node Workshop

Do you need catch up on some of the latest things happening in JavaScript? We've got you covered. We have some free content and we can spend as much or as little time as you need during a React or a Node workshops.

Beginner Level?

If all you've done is the official React tutorial then you are ready for this course. We'll be starting from the fundamentals and working our way into hooks basics pretty quickly. Hooks allow us to cover topics that are ordinarily advanced sooner. It might feel a little fast but that's what the pause button is for!

Advanced Level?

If you're a seasoned React developer, there's no better way to get caught up on Hooks and what it means for your code and team than this course. You’ll get priceless insights into how hooks will help you build great abstractions for your team that will work in new and mature code-bases.