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Get your team professionally trained in React, JavaScript and Node

  • Choose the best time for your schedule
  • We've trained as many as 60 in one workshop
  • JavaScript Prep Material Available
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High Level Overview

Every company we train has different needs, but here's what you can expect

  • In-Person or Remote.
  • Fundamental or Advanced Topics.
  • Attendees download and install material ahead of time.
  • Prep-material is provided for some workshops
  • Learning is immersive and hands-on with lectures and exercises
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Thomas Beirne@Beirnet
FWIW, when Brad did y'all's workshop w/ us a couple months ago, w/ the current curriculum, the feedback from attendees unanimously _wildly_ positive.
User Avatar
Code Caboose@Code_Caboose
Amazing 2 days. I had a blast and totally leveled up my React skills/knowledge. I can't wait to dive into my next project, or even library I decide to make. Thank you so much @bradwestfall you did an Incredible job educating me and my co-workers!! Thank you! #React #reactjs
User Avatar
EVAN KALOUDIS@evankaloudis
I had a great time learning how to write React Hooks with @ryanflorence and @mjackson last week. I highly recommend you check out their workshop if you get the chance:https://reacttraining...

Workshops Available

React Core


This is our most common workshop for teaching React. It's suitable for those with no experience and up to about 18 months of experience. See more information about why this workshop is perfect for many different groups.

Advanced React

1 or 2-Days

This is a good followup workshop to React Core. The Core workshop is fairly advanced too, but if you're team has a lot of experience in React already, or if they took our Core workshop, then this is a great followup. We focus on advanced component design patterns edge cases in React.

JavaScript & Node

1 or 2-Days

This is a great workshop for teams that want some additional JavaScript centric material and is usually paired with the Core workshop. We cover JS and Node as we build a RESTful server in Node using Express, all while learning lots of JavaScript along the way.

Remix (React Framework)


React frameworks like Remix are a fantastic way to get better performance, SEO, and reduced complexity in architecture compared to React SPA's. This workshop takes the attendees from the basics all the way through some of the most common advanced scenarios.

Contact UsTo Plan A Workshop

Common Questions

JavaScript Logo

What if the whole team isn't good at JavaScript?

That's okay, as long as attendees can program in any language, they should be fine in the workshop. Having some JS and DOM experience will help attendees a lot though. We have a JavaScript Primer article that helps attendees get caught up on modern JS syntax. We always do our best to pace the workshop for the most average needs of the group and that often means we teach JavaScript while we teach React.

JavaScript Logo

How advanced are the workshops?

We consider our React Core Workshop to be pretty advanced even though its where we start beginners. When we research what others teach for advanced topics, we see the same types of stuff we cover in our two-day Core. If you want even more advanced material though, or you need a followup workshop to the Core you already took from us, we have you covered with several good options we can discuss with you.

TypeScript Logo

TypeScript or JavaScript?

While the React workshops aren't about TypeScript specifically, we do have our material in TypeScript because it has become immensely popular to use and most of our clients ask for it. If attendees don't do TS, don't worry we'll teach the very basics as we go and it's not a distraction from React.

More Questions...

Can the workshops be in-person?

Heck yeah, fly us out. We'd love to meet your team in person.

Can the curriculum be tailored?

We can move lessons around and swap some for others that we already have. For example, in our React Core Workshop we teach routing with React Router. But if you have a different architecture, we can swap out that lesson for others.

How do you teach App State (Global State)?

We start with React Context but we also emphasize how important context is for non app-state as well (like Compound Components). Sometimes we get special requests for Redux or MobX as well. We often do a comparison of Redux to Context at a high conceptual level.

Are workshops recorded?

Generally they're not unless stated in the agreement which we can discuss with you when we talk.

What if our staff varies in experience?

We get this all the time. Companies will send 15 people to a training where half have absolutely no experience, some have a little, and some have been doing it for almost two years. Because of the depth and detail that we go into, everyone will learn something.

How does pricing work?

We charge per-attendee. The agreement will allow for flexibility in case you need to add or remove some last-minute attendees. We do have a minimum of price though. Our sales rep will discuss this further.

How many people can attend?

We've had as few as 5 and as many as about 60. We have a minimum price for corporate workshops which is conducive with about 5 people for remote and 10 people for in-person.

What about time-zones?

In the US, we work out of your desired time-zone and time-slots. Depending on where you are outside of the US, we might conduct the workshop over three days instead of the usual two days and we'll try to find a start time that works well for the instructor and your team.

Will we meet the instructor ahead of time?

Yes. After the agreement is in place, there will be a "logistics call" between you and our assigned instructor to work out curriculum details and start times.

What is the flow of the day like?

There are numerous lessons by topic. Each has a lecture and most have an exercise. The instructor will lecture and answer questions as they come up. We already have notes written for you in the code we'll give you. If there's an exercise, the attendees will do that after the lecture to get hands-on practice. We'll review the exercise after and we take breaks about every 90 minutes. We also take a one-hour lunch break if the workshop schedule overlaps lunchtime.

How much interaction will attendees have with the instructor in the workshop?

We encourage lots of questions from attendees. Even though we call them "lectures", we'd like to think of them as being more like discussions.

Corporate Or Public?

It depends on what you need

It can sometimes make more sense for you to use our Public Workshop option especially if you want to send 4 or less attendees. You just won't have as much control over scheduling and topics:

Corporate Workshops
  • You choose date and time
  • Conversation is steered to your company's needs
  • You get to choose which workshop curriculum
  • Can be in-person or remote
  • Cannot send 4 or less attendees
Public Workshops
  • You can't choose date, we schedule it in advance
  • Conversation is more broad for several companies
  • Workshop curriculum is chosen by us
  • Are generally not in-person
  • Send 1 or 50 attendees. Any number is okay
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