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A Hooks Tour?What did I miss?

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Beginner Level

If all you've done is the official React tutorial then you are ready for this course. We'll be starting from the fundamentals and working our way into hooks basics pretty quickly. Hooks allow us to cover topics that are ordinarily advanced sooner. The speed is intended to be just right for beginners.

Advanced Level

If you're a seasoned React developer, there's no better way to get caught up on Hooks and what it means for your code and team than this course. You’ll get priceless insights into how Hooks will help you build great abstractions for your team that will work in new and mature code-bases.

8 Lessons
9 Exercises
9 Solutions
450 Minutes of video

You’re not going to just watch some videos and type along with us, nah, that’s not how you learn. We teach a concept with real-world code, then hand it over to you to do an exercise on your own--which is where the real learning happens. When you’re done, we’ll solidify your understanding as we go deeper into the concepts in the solution videos.

  • React's Fundamental Composition Model
  • All of the New Hooks
  • Thinking In Effects, Not Lifecycles
  • Composing and Sharing Non-Visual Behavior
  • Data Loading and Caching
  • App-Wide State Management
  • Realtime Updates and Subscriptions
  • Clientside Authentication
  • Performance Considerations and Optimizations
  • Animation

Online Courses

Watch training videos created by our professional instructors including Realtime React with Firebase (82 Lessons, 5+ Hours of video). Plus you get 20% off of our public workshops with an annual subscription.


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