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React Trainings

  • Big or small teams
  • Core fundamentals and advanced
  • Private and public workshops
  • Remote or on-site (pending with COVID-19)
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Twitter Avatar for JosephGilgen
I used to think I loved React, but after 2 days training with @ReactTraining I am blown away at how awesome React truly is. Makes me wonder how I even liked it before. Thanks to @mjackson and @ryanflorence for the great workshop.
Twitter Avatar for nigam02
@ReactTraining Thank you for a very informative training on React Hooks, it was good on so many points. Your training was informative and interactive which gave me more confidence to use React Hooks in my future applications.
Twitter Avatar for sethdavis512
Thanks @mjackson & @ryanflorence for an AWESOME @ReactTraining! I'm already cooking up some ideas for some new components 😎
Twitter Avatar for holtbt
Sitting in @ReactTraining listening to @ryanflorence. Wish I'd learned React this way. Would have saved me a bunch of time.
Twitter Avatar for erikiva
@ReactTraining is hands down the most fun I’ve had whilst learning a shit ton of stuff. Thank you @ryanflorence, @mjackson and @WayfairTech for organizing. Loved how much cool stuff the material covers
Twitter Avatar for renee_lung
Thanks @bradwestfall and @ReactTraining for a siiiiickk workshop! I think maybe the best part is like how much Brad just looooooooves React hahaha
  • In-person and Remote Trainings

    Attendees will spend two days writing various parts of a real web application.

  • JavaScript & Node Training

    If your team needs to get caught up on JavaScript, we can help with some free material before the workshop occurs and we also make time during the workshop to discuss any JavaScript questions as needed.

  • Post-Workshop Online Resources

    After our workshops, you'll be able to continue learning and have great reference material with our online resources

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React Workshop

React is known for making UI components, but in a professional React app a component is used for so much more. We'll teach your team how to use React's components for scalable, accessible and reusable abstractions. Also, what are React Hooks?

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JavaScript & Node Workshop

We offer training on JavaScript and Node. Even if your team doesn't use Node for servers, knowing Node is an important part of the build and tooling process for front-end applications, and it's crucial when running React in development mode.

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We Also Have Online Courses

About us

We train on how React works and how to think correctly in React

We serve a range of companies from, small start-ups to the biggest and most well known brands in the world. React's capabilities are suitable for many types and sizes of projects. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive education about React and to embrace the diverse groups who wish to learn.

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