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Learn from the creators of React Router and Reach UI

React Hooks

New On-Demand Course

Learn React Hooks by building key features of a realistic app. After teaching this content to thousands at live workshops, we've packaged it up into and on-demand course just for you.

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Corporate Training

Get your dev team on the same page (even the React skeptics).

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Intensive Live Workshops

For deep learning that sticks, we’d recommend attending an immersive, live training with React experts who do this every day.

Boston, MA

React Application Fundamentals
Feb 25th - Feb 26th, 2020

Don’t see a workshop that works for you?

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Learn what our team of React experts are learning every week, open source releases, and little insights into building user interfaces.

Also, get beta access to our classes and workshops, we don’t share that with anyone else.