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      Learn From React Community Leaders

      Ryan Florence

      Ryan has been creating websites since the early 90’s, focusing primarily on the frontend for the past several years. He conceived React Router, which quickly became the most popular 3rd-party library built on React. With the combination of his passion for web development and years of teaching experience, you are sure to leave these trainings fully satisfied.

      Michael Jackson

      Michael has led engineering teams at several San Francisco companies including Path and Twitter, and is the primary author of many open source JavaScript libraries including mustache.js and ReactRouter. He has a passion for building clean, well-designed systems that improve people’s lives and sharing what he learns along the way with others.

      Tyler McGinnis

      Tyler found his love for technical teaching at DevMountain where he was the lead instructor and curriculum engineer. He's a Google Developer Expert and is very active in the React community organizing React.js Utah and creating React Newsletter.

      About Us

      React Training was formed to support the development and maintenance of the most popular open source libraries in the React community including React Router and unpkg.

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      How Much Are You Paying to Learn As You Go?

      Let’s say you spend 16 hours (2 days) training a team of 20 engineers. In the next year, these engineers will put in approximately 40,000 hours of work for your company. If our training results in only a 1% improvement in those engineers’ performance, your company will gain the equivalent of 400 hours of work as the result of spending 2 days in training.

      “Often founders start companies with visions of elegant, beautiful product architectures that will solve so many of the nasty issues that they were forced to deal with in their previous jobs. Then, as their company becomes successful, they find that their beautiful product architecture has turned into a Frankenstein. How does this happen? As success drives the need to hire new engineers at a rapid rate, companies neglect to train the new engineers properly. As the engineers are assigned tasks, they figure out how to complete them as best they can. Often this means replicating existing facilities in the architecture, which leads to inconsistencies in the user experience, performance problems, and a general mess. And you thought training was expensive.”

      –The Hard Thing About Hard Things, pg. 107-108

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