Benefits of Training

How is Professional React Training Beneficial?
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  • Invest in your team's knowledge

    It might be one of the best investments you make. In-person React training will cut many hours from a developers self-education experience. Not only will they get up to date information, but they'll be able to stay focused on guided topics instead of bouncing around online tutorials.

  • Shared Vocabulary

    Your team will better communicate when they're on the same page with best-practices and patterns. Programming in React is super fun, but it's a new paradigms that might be unfamiliar to even seasoned developers. As such, it comes with lots of terms. The workshops we put on have a big emphasis on the correct React terminology.

  • Architecture Focused

    Anyone can read the docs and pick up the basic ideas of the syntax. Our training takes it many steps beyond that. We want our attendees to feel confident that they understand various React architectural ideas that they can start to implement immediately when they're finished with training.

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