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Fabian Flores@f4bi4n_fls
Thanks @bradwestfall it was such an amazing workshop. I really enjoy it.

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Justin Mandzik@Justin_Mandzik
Been working with React for a few years and got a ton of mileage out of the @ReactTraining workshop with @bradwestfall. Highly recommend it.

Workshop: React Core

This workshop is for beginners and more experienced React developers alike. Since we cover the mechanics of React in great detail, we find it works really well for beginners who need React to feel less perplexing. We also find that those with up to about 18 months of experience often comment they learned a lot about parts of React they never understood.

  • Basic JS Knowledge
  • Basic DOM Knowledge
  • Basic HTML Knowledge
Topics for this workshop
  • "Thinking" in React
  • Declarative vs Imperative React
  • Correct React Terminology
  • Code Abstraction with Hooks
  • Deep understanding of JSX
  • React Hooks vs Custom Hooks
  • Local State Management
  • React's Unidirectional Data Flow
  • Controlled vs Uncontrolled
  • Client Side Routing
  • Data Fetching Basics
  • Advanced Side Effects
  • Deep understanding of useEffect
  • Data Fetching Strategies
  • Caching and Performance
  • useMemo and useCallback
  • Component Memoization
  • React Context
  • App State (Global State)
  • Redux vs Context Overview
  • Unit Testing Overview
  • Transitions with useTransition

Workshop: React Advanced

This workshop focuses on advanced component design and compound components. There's also a big emphasis on creating library code. In other words, code that is highly re-usable and composable for being used on many projects.


Attendees should have a good understanding of the topics listed in our Core workshop and have an especially good understanding of these:

  • State & Refs
  • useEffect
  • Side-effects in general
  • Context
Topics for this workshop
  • Advanced Imperative Patterns
  • Dynamic React Portals
  • Advanced Side Effects
  • Compound Components
  • Controlled Components
  • Advanced Patterns for Context
  • Accessibility
  • Mutable Refs
  • Forwarding Refs
  • Render Props

Workshop: JavaScript & Node

This workshop is designed for those who already know how to program in any language such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, or C#, but they just don't know JavaScript as well as they'd like to. It would also be good for those who are doing JavaScript in the client (front-end) and they might be more beginner or more advanced but they need to learn more about how JavaScript in Node works (on the back-end).

  • Basic Programming Skills
Topics for this workshop
  • ES2015 (ES6) Topics
  • Functional Programming Concepts
  • Event Loop Concepts
  • Promises
  • Async / Await
  • Node APIs
  • Basic Servers in Node
  • Servers with Express
  • Express Middleware
  • Express RESTful APIs
  • Authentication
  • Server Side Rendering in React

Workshop: Remix

In this workshop we'll cover a range of Remix topics from beginner to advanced. We're going to build a blog and a shopping cart experience with authentication. We'll go above and beyond what the Remix docs teach you on many topics. As long as you know a little React already, you'll do great in this workshop.

  • JS Asynchronous Basics
  • React Basics
  • Hooks Basics
Topics for this workshop
  • Remix Terminology
  • Remix Best Practices
  • v2.0 File-based Routing
  • Data Loading
  • URL State
  • Caching
  • Forms, Actions, and Fetchers
  • Authentication
  • Error Handling
  • Blog content with Markdown/MDX
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Deploying to the network "edge"
  • Remix Stacks

What are Hooks?

Hooks are a feature to bring functional composition (re-usable business logic) to components. Essentially, they're just functions but with special capabilities for React. For hooks to work, components are created as "function components" and not classes. We'll cover them extensively in our Core workshop. Read More

What about Class Components?

Can you still write React with class components instead of function components with hooks? Yes, but they're not commonly used in modern React due to problems with abstracting and sharing code. We teach hooks-based function components instead and in the Core workshop we'll talk about some of the shortcomings of class components if that interests the attendees.

Why do we build library code in the Advanced Workshop?

Library code is inherently more advanced than application code. In application code, your constraints are well known so the complexity of the component is limited. On the other hand, library code tends to need more versatility and thus is more difficult to make. This is why most of our curriculum that's labeled as "advanced" is based on library style code.

How is the Advanced Workshop more advanced than Core?

Lots of people have given us feedback that our Core workshop was pretty advanced for them. We do deep dives into how React works and we cover some of React's most advanced subjects like side-effects thoroughly. As advanced as it is, we consider it's topics to be pretty fundamental and "core". That being said, if you already know those topics well, then you're ready for even more advanced topics which is our React Advanced workshop.

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