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Live Remote React Training

At React Training we've been doing remote workshops since 2016. With years of experience we've learned a few things about how to make them every bit as good as an in-person training.

Some of our clients can be a bit hesistant about doing a remote workshop. If that's you, this page is here to answer your questions and help you see the benefits of remote training.

It's Convenient
Scheduling a conference room to accomodate an in-person workshop can be difficult. Is the room big enough? Is the AV good enough? Is the room available when an instructor is available? Booking multiple smaller rooms is usually a lot easier. Even better, you can have your team attend from home (this is actually our recommendation).

It's Just As Interactive
This is the big concern some people have. If it's not in-person, do the attendees have the opportunity to get all of their questions answered? Can attendees pay as much attention? Does the instructor get attendee feedback to adjust the pace up or down? Yes, yes, and yes!

We use Zoom video conferencing to facilitate our workshops, and through a combination of features we're able to have just as much interaction with the instructors and developers as an in-person workshop--if not more.

During the lecture, everybody is in the same "room" listening to the instructor and looking at their screen. Since it's a screen share, there are never any problems seeing the instructors presentation--no heads blocking the view, no dim projectors or sunny windows washing out the screen. This allows attendees to focus on the code and the rest of the instruction.

Zoom has a "raise hand" feature. Instead of interrupting the instruction, attendees can click the "raise hand button" and the instructor gets a small notification. The instructor can then address the question when the timing is right.

We encourage attendees to turn on their webcams. This way the instructor can see how the instruction is landing and slow down/spead up accordingly. It also helps us know if our jokes are bad!

Thanks to Zoom's chat feature, attendees can type questions in the chat without interrupting the lecture. When it's time for Q&A the instructor can leave no question unanswered! We also make time specificaly for Q&A after a lecture and after an exercise. What's really great about a remote workshop is the instructor can put code, or links to docs, articles, and GitHub gists into the chat and then attendees can click them right away. You can't copy and paste something from a projected laptop screen!

Remote workshops really shine for the exercises. At an in-person workshop the instructor walks around the room providing 1:1 help and instruction for the attendees. We mirror this with Zoom's "breakout rooms". They're like a video conference within a video conference.

screenshot of people in a remote workshop

The instructor splits up the whole group into small groups of two or three people per "room". Each attendee gets a popup to click a button to join the room. Now, everybody is in a video conference with just one or two other people to work on the exercise together. This helps the more experienced people learn how to communicate the ideas, and keeps the less experienced people on track.

Here's the best part, the instructor then bounces between the rooms giving the two or three people in the room a chance to get their specific questions answered. We find this small space in a 2 or 3 person video conference to make people more comfortable asking questions than in a big room full of 20+ people. Attendees get a lot more individual time with instructors at remote workshops.

Zoom also lets the attendee give keyboard control to the instructor. At an in-person workshop this isn't always possible (or comfortable anyway) but answering a question with code is pretty much always the best way to answer the question! Being able to pair program with the instructor is a great experience.

For large groups, we can even bring in another instructor or two to make sure everybody gets a chance to get their questions answered.

For an additional fee, we can even record the workshop for your team to reference later and with other members of the team who couldn't make it. Most in-person workshops are not in rooms equipped to do this.

We're so sure you'll love a remote workshop from our team of React experts, we'll refund 80% of the cost if the post-workshop survey shows the majority of attendees were dissatisfied.

Talk to us about training your team!

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