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Public Workshop:

Thinking in React

1 Day:React Fundamentals with Hooks
Feb 27th, 2023
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM US Pacific Time
  • Learn by doing

    The material lectures will be broken up by exercises so you can practice.

  • Learn how React really works

    You'll leave our workshop with the correct mental model of how react works, and the correct terminology.

  • Learn from professionals with years of experience

    At ReactTraining we help some of the biggest companies learn React including Google, Apple, Adobe, Netflix, Microsoft, Walmart, and many more...

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⭐️ Please Note: This is the first day of what we've normally done as a two-day workshop. Each day is now its own individual event and each needs to be purchased separately if you wish to attend both days.

Who is this workshop for?

Beginners? Absolutely. If all you've done is the official React tutorial then you are ready for this workshop. Even if you haven't done any React at all, this workshop is for you.

Intermediate? Yes. This workshop along with React App Development were designed for those with less than 3 years of typical experience.

Advanced? Yes. While some of this workshop will be review, we regularly hear from our advanced attendees that they picked up some valuable nuggets of information that they didn't know. You might know most of the topics, but we'll leave you with the vocabulary and examples the help you level-up your team.


JS Basics
DOM Basics

Topics Covered

All Hooks Based
Custom Hooks
Declarative Mental Model
Local and Application State
Side-Effects with useEffect
State Lifting (State Sharing)
Imperative React with Refs
React Router (Single Page Applications)
Component Abstractions
Controlled vs Uncontrolled Fields


Brad Westfall Avatar

Brad has been teaching Web Development since 2010 including bootcamp instruction, online videos, conference speaking, writing at CSS-Tricks, and corporate training for React. He loves to connect with students by helping them achieve their technical goals and by distilling complex concepts into simple instruction.