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Public Workshop:

JavaScript and Node

1 Day:Fundamentals of modern JavaScript, Node, ExpressJS, and SSR React
Aug 20th, 2021
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM US Pacific Time
  • Learn by doing

    The material lectures will be broken up by exercises so you can practice.

  • Learn how React really works

    You'll leave our workshop with the correct mental model of how react works, and the correct terminology.

  • Learn from professionals with years of experience

    At ReactTraining we help some of the biggest companies learn React including Google, Apple, Adobe, Netflix, Microsoft, Walmart, and many more...

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Who is this workshop for?

Beginners? Absolutely. Whether you have a little bit of JS/Node experience or none at all, this workshop is for you. Just keep in mind that this isn't a beginner "programming" workshop. We expect that you know programming in at least on other language such as PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, C#, etc.

Intermediate? Yes. There's a huge spectrum for JS and Node knowledge and we're certain you'll pick up on things that you weren't aware of, even if some of the material is review for you.

Advanced? Maybe. Even if the material is review, we expect that you might pick up a few tricks here and there. At the very least, you'll pick up on some new ways to teach this type of material to others.


Before attending JavaScript and Node, attendees should understand these topics:

Already know programming (in any language)
Basic knowledge of web servers
Basic knowledge of NPM will help

Topics Covered

Various ways to make functions
Lexical Scope
The unique parts of Arrow Functions
Asynchronous Concepts
Prevent IO-Blocking Code
Chaining Expressions
Node Filesystem
Basic Node Servers
Express Servers
Express Middleware
Error Handling
Input Validation
CORS (Imagine finally understanding CORS!)
Authentication with JWT

Some material will be in TypeScript. Don't worry if you don't know TypeScript at all though. We use it very lightly and we'll explain things as we go. If you love TypeScript or if you're hesitantly curious about it, this will be great. If you already know you don't like TypeScript, we promise there's not too much and it won't detract from the JS/Node parts.


Brad Westfall Avatar

Brad has been teaching Web Development since 2010 including bootcamp instruction, online videos, conference speaking, writing at CSS-Tricks, and corporate training for React. He loves to connect with students by helping them achieve their technical goals and by distilling complex concepts into simple instruction.