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Public Workshop:

React In TypeScript

1 Day:First Day - Learn the basics of TypeScript
Aug 5th, 2021
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM US Pacific Time
  • Learn by doing

    The material lectures will be broken up by exercises so you can practice.

  • Learn how React really works

    You'll leave our workshop with the correct mental model of how react works, and the correct terminology.

  • Learn from professionals with years of experience

    At ReactTraining we help some of the biggest companies learn React including Google, Apple, Adobe, Netflix, Microsoft, Walmart, and many more...

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Who is this workshop for?

TS Beginners? Absolutely. Whether you have a little bit of TypeScript experience or none at all, this workshop is for you. Just keep in mind that this isn't a beginner "programming" workshop. We expect that you are at an intermediate level in JavaScript

TS Intermediate? Yes. There's a huge spectrum if TypeScript knowledge and we're certain you'll pick up on things that you weren't aware of, even if some of the material is review for you.

TS Advanced? Maybe. Even if the material is review, we expect that you might pick up a few tricks here and there. At the very least, you'll pick up on some new ways to teach this type of material to others.


React In TypeScript is one of our brand new two-day workshops. You have the option of attending one or both days of the workshop depending on where you are in your React journey. Tickets for each day are purchased separately. The first day (this event) will be on the basics of TypeScript.

Before attending day 1, attendees should have at least an intermediate level of JavaScript experience and be comfortable working with its DOM APIs.

Topics Covered

Static vs. dynamic languages
TypeScript the language vs. TypeScript the compiler
Configuration options
Inferred types
Defining types and interfaces
Unions and intersections


Chance Strickland Avatar

Chance is a front-end engineer who specializes in creating accessible user interfaces on the web. Since 2010, he has worked for various agencies, startups, and himself as an independent contractor. He previously worked at Modulz as a co-author of the Radix UI library and currently maintains Reach UI. He now focuses on education and teaching React fundamentals and advanced concepts to teams all over the world.