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Public Workshop:

React Reducers

60 Minutes:Free Workshop on State Reducers
Mar 16th, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM US Pacific Time
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    The instructor will live-code all examples and will help you understand nuances of best practices.

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Free 60-minute Workshop

Have you heard of "state reducers" but not quite sure what it means or how they work? In this session we'll demystify the reducer pattern and show you why useReducer can improve your code and squash nasty bugs!


Beginner knowledge of React & Hooks
Knowledge of useState is a big plus

Topics Covered

Local State
The Reducer Pattern
All About useReducer


Chance Strickland Avatar

Chance is a front-end engineer who specializes in creating accessible user interfaces on the web. Since 2010, he has worked for various agencies, startups, and himself as an independent contractor. He previously worked at Modulz as a co-author of the Radix UI library and currently maintains Reach UI. He now focuses on education and teaching React fundamentals and advanced concepts to teams all over the world.