Public Workshop:

React Workshop

2-day Live Remote Workshop
Fundamentals to Advanced
Feb 2nd - Feb 3rd, 2021
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM US Pacific Time
  • Focused Content

    There's so much content out on the Web already. We focus on what really matters in the format of a structured curriculum.

  • Learn by doing

    The material lectures will be broken up by exercises so you can practice.

  • Learn how React really works

    You'll leave our workshop with the correct mental model of how react works, and the correct terminology.

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Beginner Level?

If all you've done is the official React tutorial then you are ready for this course. We'll be starting from the fundamentals and working our way into hooks basics pretty quickly. Hooks allow us to cover topics that are ordinarily advanced sooner.

Advanced Level?

If you're a seasoned React developer, there's no better way to get caught up on Hooks and what it means for your code and team than this course. You’ll get priceless insights into how hooks will help you build great abstractions for your team that will work in new and mature code-bases.

Workshop Material

All Hooks Based
Custom Hooks
Declarative Mental Model
Local and Application State
React Context
Context Abstractions
Side-Effects (Network API Calls and more)
Data Flow
React Router (Single Page Applications)
Component Abstractions
Compound Components
Controlled and Uncontrolled Form Fields
Controlled and Uncontrolled Components
Performance Optimizations


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Brad has been teaching Web Development since 2010 including bootcamp instruction, online videos, conference speaking, writing at, and corporate training for React. He loves to connect with students by helping them achieve their technical goals and by distilling complex concepts into simple instruction.