React Patterns

by React Training

Here are links to all the lectures from our Advanced React Free online course. We’re known for teaching not just how, but why and when you would use these patterns. Purchase the full course here to unlock the hands-on exercises and guided solutions to deepen your mastery of each concept, but please enjoy these free videos on the house!

Imperative vs. Declarative

You often hear that React is "declarative". This lecture digs in to what that means and how you can effectively extend React's model to more than just pixels. We’ll render a tone with the web audio API, declaratively, like any other element.

Compound Components

This is easily our most popular lecture at our workshops. You’ll learn how to tame the unweildy components that seem to get a new prop every time they get reused by decomposing them into composable parts.


This builds on the Compound Components video to give even more rendering control back to the application code. We'll learn how to manage implicit state in the background of an app, creating some of the most powerful abstractions found in the most popular libraries in the React ecosystem.

Higher Order Components

One of the most popular methods of abstraction for composing the definition of a React component. You’ll learn to layer behavior into existing components with static composition facilitating code reuse across your app.

Render Props

Sometimes you’ve got code you want to reuse but it doesn’t have anything to do with rendering pixels. With this technique you can extend React's model to literally anything your app needs to do, compositing state, UI, and side-effects declaratively, and, dare we say, reactively.

Controlled Components

Nope, not controlled inputs, not those ones. But, many of your components need to behave like controlled inputs, we’ll show you when and how to do it while keeping your head on straight. When this concept sinks in, you’ve arrived at the pinnacle of React expertise.

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