How It Works

High-level Overview and Topics Covered
  • Workshop Format

    Most of our workshops are two-day events at 7 hours per-day. The topics are gradual and suitable for both beginners and those wanting deeper in-depth knowledge. Attendees will also have time for exercises to practice.

  • Getting Ready

    Attendees will need to download and install a NPM repo before-hand. We also have some prep material that is optional including on modern JavaScript.

  • Difficulty

    We have different ways to approach the difficulty level that your team needs. Our Core workshop is designed to teach beginners and those with about 18 months of active experience. It is fairly advanced and in-depth. We also have a variety of advanced workshops and the ability to accommodate some special requests.

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Natalie Davis@codeFreedomRitr
I think I'm a pro now!! Thanks for your time. @bradwestfall, the workshop was awesome!!

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Fabian Flores@f4bi4n_fls
Thanks @bradwestfall it was such an amazing workshop. I really enjoy it.

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Justin Mandzik@Justin_Mandzik
Been working with React for a few years and got a ton of mileage out of the @ReactTraining workshop with @bradwestfall. Highly recommend it.

Topics Covered

Here's some of the topics and concepts we cover in our most popular curriculum: React Core

  • Code Abstraction with Hooks
  • Deep understanding of JSX
  • React Hooks vs Custom Hooks
  • Declarative vs Imperative React
  • Composition Patterns
  • Correct React Terminology
  • Local and Global State Patterns
  • Patterns with React Context
  • Authentication with Context
  • Side Effects & Data Fetching
  • React's Unidirectional Data Flow
  • Controlled and Uncontrolled Topics
  • Accessibility (a11y)
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Client Side Routing
  • Unit Testing

Most importantly, we have fun which keeps you engaged

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