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Corporate Training

Get your team professionally trained in React, JavaScript and Node

Remote trainings are always available, and in-person trainings resume after it's safe with COVID-19.

After our training, your team will be able to:

  • Simplify their code!
  • Level up their React proficiency
  • Catered to different skills
  • Jump-start a migration to React
  • Meet their development goals
  • Overcome challenges they've been wrestling with
  • Get on the same technical page

What are the workshops like?

Two or Three-Day Workshops

We offer in-person and remote trainings. Both the instructor and attendees will be writing code to build parts of a real project.

  • Work on a real project
    With guided lectures for two days.
  • Deepen Knowledge of API,
    Best Practices, and Patterns.
  • Catered to different skills
    Core concepts and advanced
  • Have Lots of Fun!
    It's easier to remember content when we're having fun.

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Beginner Team? Advanced Team? Or Mixed?

Our curriculum is designed to teach in-depth. We've found that this is great for beginners but also, those who have been doing React for a while regularly compliment the curriculum and teaching style


Here's an overview of just some of the topics and concepts available in our curriculum:

All Hooks Based
Custom Hooks
Declarative Mental Model
Local and Application State
Redux compared to React Context
Context Abstractions
Side-Effects (Network API Calls and more)
Data Flow
React Router (Single Page Applications)
Component Abstractions
Compound Components
Controlled and Uncontrolled Form Fields
Controlled and Uncontrolled Components
Performance Optimizations
Unit, Integration Testing

React Workshop

A person who knows little-to-nothing about React should expect to be fairly proficient after taking our Workshop. More experienced React developers should expect to level up in terms of professional architecture concepts and component design.

  • All about React Hooks
  • Fundamentals and advanced material
  • Component design best practices
  • Free online resources after workshop
React as nodes
Node Logo

JavaScript / Node Workshop

The JavaScript / Node workshop is not programming 101. The material assumes some proficiencies in programming (in any language), but you still feel like you want to improve your JavaScript skills. Aside from modern JavaScript and build processes, we'll cover the most fundamental concepts of Node as well as some advanced ones.

  • Node best practices and principles
  • The Node runtime, built-in capabilities, and NPM/Yarn
  • API design/organization with Express.js & middleware
  • Async database connections: MongoDB, PostreSQL, MySQL
  • Non IO-blocking concepts like promises & async/await


What is the format for the workshops? Remote or in-person?

The workshop is typically two days and for about seven hours (which includes time for a one-hour break lunch). It can be done in-person or over video conferencing like with Zoom. The instructor will do all live-coding to demonstrate the topics and then the attendees will do exercises to help the material set in.

Can the curriculum be tailored?

The curriculum isn't set in stone, but we do have a normal flow for the curriculum which works really well. However, special requests can be made to substitute parts in and out.

What skill level is expected? Is there advanced material?

Most of the time the workshops are "Core React" which is perfectly appropriate for those who are completely new to React and those who have about 1 to 3 years of experience. For more advanced groups, we have specific advanced material. We can also send a test out ahead of time to help evaluate where your team is and what can be adjusted in the curriculum accordingly.

Should the attendee already know JavaScript?

Not necessarily, as long as they already know how to code in some other language. The workshop is not programming 101 so those who don't know a lot of code will probably struggle. On the other hand, it's fairly normal for our clients to hire us because they want to train their Java, C#, or Ruby teams in React. And sometimes they're fairly new to JavaScript, but that's why we have a JS primer for them to catch up on some things before the workshop.