React Router v6 Preview

By Michael Jackson
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JavaScript, the React parts
By Brad Westfall - Feb 14th, 2019
18 min read

React became really popular around the same time that ES2015 (ES6) came into existence (those are just the technical version names for…


Welcome Back, Ryan!
By Michael Jackson - Feb 5th, 2019
2 min read

Today, after a year of working apart, I'm excited to welcome Ryan Florence back to React Training--the company we started together almost…

React, Inline Functions, and Performance
By Ryan Florence - Oct 6th, 2017
15 min read

My wife and I just got through a huge remodel. We were beyond excited to show people the new digs. We showed my mother-in-law. She walked in…


React Rally Recap, 2017
By Michael Jackson - Aug 28th, 2017
5 min read

On Friday night, I touched down in San Diego after an exhilarating two days in Salt Lake City at one of the best conferences I can remember…

Use a Render Prop!
By Michael Jackson - Mar 7th, 2017
12 min read

Update: I made a PR to add Render Props to the official React docs. Update 2: Added some language to clarify that “children as a function…